Meet Nikki

In 2008 I began practicing yoga. Over the years I have learned that yoga is not just an exercise we practice to keep our bodies fit, we practice to keep our minds fit too. It allows people the space to breathe through & reflect upon the string of events we call life. This is reflected in my personal practice which has been a source of strength and guidance, helping me navigate through periods of change, uncertainty & grief towards healing. I owe much of who I am today to the practice of yoga.

Yoga gently pushes me into spaces where I am able to open up, learn, discover, & grow. I expand the flexibility of both my mind & my body. Yoga simultaneously provides stability & flexibility, offering both the Yin and Yang. It unites, " is the union of body with the mind and of mind with the soul." - B K S Iyengar. So, just as important as it is for us to unite with ourselves, it is equally important for us to unite with each other. Bringing me to my next topic of family, travel, and life-changing experiences.

As naturally as yoga made its way into my life, so did my passion to travel. I have been travelling since I was 6 months old, throughout Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, Central America, & Europe. Travelling was a big part of my childhood and continues to be today. My family placed great importance on exploring other countries, communities, towns, & cultures. Our family vacations hold some of my greatest childhood memories, ones I will cherish for the rest of life. From road trips in our family van to setting sail across the ocean, to plane rides down south and horseback rides along the Rocky Mountains, you name it, we did it! So as you can see, this urge to explore was fostered from a young age. It eventually brought me to the Amalfi Coast Italy in 2013 where, for the first time ever, I experienced a destination that single-handedly changed my life forever. The people, the towns, the community, & the natural beauty that surrounded me every step of the way was inspiring. I will never forget the way I felt being there for the first time.

I returned every year for several years. In 2017, I decided it was time to test the waters & make Italy my home for a while. I didn't rush the idea but rather allowed it to wash over me like a wave, making space for it to grow day by day. As the planning began, all flowed naturally. I booked a trip to India which later became Hawaii & followed this up with my adventure to the coast. I consider Italy & more specifically Praiano to be my "second home". I have never second guessed my decision and I love being a part of this community. The people in Praiano are warm-hearted, fun, traditional and very welcoming. They open their hearts and their homes to everyone, sharing their town with people from all over the world. 

Now a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200), as well as a prenatal yoga instructor, I teach in the Amalfi Coast and Toronto. My classes combine Meditation, Vinyasas, Hatha, and Yin. Whether you are looking to try yoga for the first time or progress & deepen your practice my class welcomes you! I lead with an emphasis on alignment, strength, and breath - focusing on "progression not perfection".

So now you know a little more about me, and I'd love to know a little more about you! Feel free to join me in any capacity throughout this next chapter of my life. Whether it's via email, social media, yoga practice, or travel - reach out!

I'm dedicating this next chapter to discovery. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and exploring the world through a different lens. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable. I'm dedicating it to growth. Looking at my past only to gain wisdom for the present & the future. Trying to understand the experiences I have had, how they have shaped me, why they came into my life, & what lessons they taught me. I'm dedicating it to connecting & sharing. Connecting with people around the world, sharing our stories, our experiences, & our knowledge. I'm dedicating it to uniting as ONE & using our knowledge to build a stronger, brighter future, a future of healing & ONE LOVE.